Limited Time Special, Single Room RTI System

Unified Remote

For a limited time only, we are offering a special price on a single room RTI system. Based on the RTI XP-3 processor, this system can replace those remotes bouncing around on your coffee table, and put all their functions together in a simple and intuitive interface. Since it’s based on RTI, not only can it control your smart TV, AV receiver and cable box, but nearly anything else in the room that is controllable. For example, you can add Lutron lighting and shades, ecobee thermostats, and if you choose the AVA remote to go with this, even your Android-compatible video doorbell!

This is what you’ll get:

  • RTI XP-3 control processor. This processor can control up to three IR devices (IR is what your standard remote uses), and several additional devices that use another type of control, like network control, which includes most new smart TVs.
  • The remote of your choice, as listed below with prices for each package
  • Programming and installation

There are several remote options:

  • RTIPanel App only system: $999.00
  • Pro24.z remote: $1085.00
  • RTI T4x flagship remote: $1520.00
  • AVA Android remote: $1885.00

This limited-time special does have a few restrictions. First of all, it is limited to single room systems, and does not include running any wires through the walls, or additional signal cables. Your audio-video devices must be controllable, and the XP-3 processor is limited to 3 different IR devices (that’s what your standard remote uses). Most smart TVs and many other smart home devices can be controlled over the network, and that doesn’t count against this number. IR expansion is available at extra cost, so it’s not a hard limit, just the limit of this special price. There also must be a wired network connection available in your equipment location, but if there is not, we can advise you with the best way to get one there.

One of the best reasons to go with an RTI control system is that it does not have to remain limited to a single room! If you decide at a later date, you can easily expand your system, and add (or expand) your RTI app to control the entire house, or just a few rooms that are most important to you. You can also add Voice control via Amazon or Google. You can add a music streamer, or if you already have one, most of those can be controlled as well.

Contact us for more details, or to find the right solution for your AV system needs.

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