Time Again for Outdoors Music and TV!

red and pink artificial flower table decor on brown wooden table shallow focus photography
Photo by Eugene Bolshem on Pexels.com

There are few things as enjoyable as sitting outside with friends and family, and outdoors music and TV can complete the experience. Though many may think that they can simply hang a TV on wall of their patio, or run some speaker wires out the window for music in the yard, solutions like this might only get the job done for a season or two. But they aren’t going to last year after year, and they aren’t going to look or sound as good as products specifically made for outside.

Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can supply and install outdoor speakers by KEF, Rockustics, and Sonance, and outdoor televisions by Samsung, Sunbrite, and Seura. We can advise you, we can run wires, and we can install products that will mean relaxing on the patio with the family, or entertaining friends poolside, will be the best experience you can make it!

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