A Fresh Year and a Fresh Start

a fresh year and a fresh start

A fresh year and a fresh start … that’s the thought on many people’s minds when the holiday season has passed and the last digit on the calendar flips to the next. Some make promises to improve themselves, or improve their lives, and others simply want to improve the things in their lives that give them joy or make things more fun. And now that we are settling into winter, it’s time to give other things consideration besides the holiday hustle.

At Hawthorne integration Services LLC, we have long specialized in providing services to do just that: improve your lifestyle and make it more convenient and efficient. Would you like to replace that coffee table full of remotes with just one that can not only control your TV and cable box, but your lights and thermostats too? Do you have a home theater that barely works and you no longer enjoy because everything in it is obsolete? Would you like to use voice control to tell all the lights in your home to turn off for bedtime? Would you like timers to turn your landscape lighting on every day at sunset no matter what time in the evening that is throughout the year? Do you have a TV mounted on the wall of your family room with a snarl of wires hanging from it to the cabinet below? Do you want to have a thermostat that can actually detect when you are in the room and set the temperature accordingly?

Those are only some of the things that a home electronics integration company like Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can do. It need not be anything elaborate. But if we do it, it will be quality.

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