Lighting Control

Lighting Control - man turning on ligts from his phone

Every home, and every business in the USA has lighting of some type, but a Lighting Control system will take it to the next level. Do you want to dim your TV room lights without getting up? Or perhaps you want to turn off every light in your building when you leave or go to bed? Or maybe just the opposite, and want to hit a single button to illuminate the areas you immediately need to go? Or put the hall lights on at a low level so you can navigate to the restroom without tripping or fumbling for the light switch? Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can help you with all these things, whether your needs are simple or complex. And one of the best things about lighting control is you can nearly always start small, and expand when you are ready.

A well-designed lighting control system is not only convenient, it adds security to your home or business. You can add timers that come on randomly after sunset, and turn off at sunrise. You can use an app, or voice control, to turn on the outside lights if you hear a noise outside. You can trigger lighting scenes, inside and out, from motion sensors, from supported alarm systems, or from a variety of other Smart Home devices.

And speaking of convenience, there are few things more convenient than a good lighting control system. Integrating one with a Home Automation system, can add to that immeasurably. You can have the lights dim when you turn on the TV, and ramp back up again when you turn it off. You can tell your Voice Control it’s bedtime, and have all your controlled lights go to the level you want them to for the night, or you can tell it you are leaving, and they will go to those levels instead, or even different levels whether it’s day or night. It’s limited only by how far you are willing to take your imagination.

Hawthorne Integration Services LLC is a certified installer and programmer for all Lutron RadioRa systems: Caseta, RadioRA2, and RadioRA3.

Lutron Sunnata
Lutron RadioRA3 Sunnata Controls

We can also work with a variety of other lighting controls, including various Z-Wave lights, Philips Hue, and Ring, among others. Please note, however, we are not licensed electricians. We will happily work with your electrician to install and wire lighting, but our business is on the control side of things, not the electrical. Please contact us for details or a consultation.