AV Systems

AV Systems - flat screen monitor on wall near sofa set

AV Systems (Audio-Video) can be found in practically every home in the United States. From a simple table radio or a TV on a stand, to whole-house distributed systems that can call up almost every type of medium in every room, to a dedicated home theater, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can help you with them all.

There is an incredible amount of audio-video equipment available today. We can not only advise you what is best for your space, but are more than happy to help you with equipment you already own. In most cases, we can also at least match the prices commonly available in both local stores or online. And we will not attempt to sell you something you don’t need just to make a sale.

Among many, many others, we sell, install, and set up the following brands:

If you don’t see what you want on this list, contact us and we find out if we can get it for you.

Distributed Systems

A distributed AV system is one where you can share one or many of your media devices – cable boxes, disk players, music servers – throughout your home. Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can help you plan the best type of system for your home or facility, run the necessary wiring, install it, set it up, and make sure you can control the whole thing from every place you need it. This is the ultimate AV system for any home or office, designed from the ground up to be efficient and convenient.

Distributed systems require planning. You may need to run wires through the walls, and you may be able to go wireless in some circumstances. But the final goal is to give you a system that’s easy to use, and does what you need it to do in the best way possible. Often, a hybrid system is most appropriate … some of the components being distributed, and some being local. After all, who wants to run to the basement equipment rack just to pop a disk in the Blu-ray player? If you know exactly what you want or if you need guidance, contact us for a consultation.

Home Theaters

Though a home theater and a TV room might share many (if not all) of the same types of equipment, the main difference is that a home theater is a dedicated room. It can be simple, or it can be fancy, but when you enter it, you enter it for one reason: to watch your movies or TV shows, or listen to your music, in a space that was designed specifically for AV. Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can help you design the home theater that’s right for you, and fits your space, whether it be for your family alone, or a place to wow your friends. As such, they often require much more planning and design than a basic media room. We can design it for you, we can help you make the right decisions, and we put the gears in motion. No matter what your specific needs may be, contact us for a consultation.