Why Have a Smart Home?

Why have a Smart Home? Picture of warmly lit home on the water.
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Why have a Smart Home? There are many reasons, but they mostly boil down to two things: efficiency and convenience. Something that is useful to you, that saves you time or effort, that is what a Smart Home is all about.


Efficiency is a big reason to have a Smart Home. There is no special effort in walking into a room and hitting a light switch, but what about when you’ve already walked to the other side of the house and you want that same light off? Or you’re late for an engagement, and you can’t run around and make sure you didn’t leave a light on somewhere? Or how about when it’s bedtime, and you want most of the house dark, but still would like a dimmed path for the kids to come to you in the middle of the night? Perhaps you want to make a kitchen run without lighting the place up, but you don’t want to fumble in the dark? These and any number of other things can save you time and effort. In today’s busy world, seconds matter, and minutes even more.


Convenience is the other big reason to have a Smart Home. Some are fine with having six remotes on the coffee table for watching TV. Others are baffled and have to call the kids in to put on their favorite show, or they miss it. Convenience is having a remote that not only turns on the TV, but the stereo too, and makes sure everything is switched to the right setting with a single button. Convenience is having that same remote also control the lights and the temperature. Convenience is having your video doorbell ring your phone when you aren’t even home, and to be able to open the garage so they can drop off your package. Convenience is being able to simply speak, and have your entire home respond.

Why else would you have a Smart Home?

There are many other reasons to have a Smart Home. It can be a very simple reason like “I want to see who’s at the door before I open it.” It could be, “I don’t want to fumble around for stuff when I can just use voice control.” It could be you want the security of an app that lets you check on things when you aren’t home. Maybe you just find it fun to have. People run the gamut from a limited amount of Smart Home devices to having every single thing in their home controlled.

Hawthorne Integration Services LLC can help you make your home into a Smart Home. We have experience with every class of smart device on the market, and many individual devices and brands. Some things may be in the DIY (do-it-yourself) category, but not everyone has the time or inclination to learn how to put them in and set them up. Bigger systems absolutely need a professional to make sure all the design elements come together. We can help in all those cases.

Smart Homes for a smart world, and quality at a fair price. Contact us for more details or an evaluation.

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